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Study Shows Driving While Sleepy Increases the Risk of an Accident by Four

Have you ever driven while you were tired? We all have. But sometimes you’re simply too tired, probably should be in bed sleeping  and shouldn’t be out on the road. And a new study shows that 20 percent of auto crashes happen because the driver was too tired and literally fell asleep behind the wheel.

Susan Trulove with the Insurance Journal quotes one of the researchers associated with the study: “eye-lid closure, head bobbing, severe loss of facial musculature, micro-sleep – which is when your eyes drift shut and then pop up. This was not just yawning. The drivers were asleep.”

And when the researcher says the drivers were asleep, he’s talking just prior to the car crash.

The study involved cars equipped with measuring instruments. These instruments recorded different “events” associated with 82 crashes, 761 near-misses, and more than 8,000 incidents like hard braking. The collected data painted a bleak picture when it comes to fatigued driving.

As Trulove reports, the director of the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (from whence the study came), said that when drivers choose to drive while sleepy, they put themselves four times more at risk of getting into an auto accident.

It’s good to know, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a good excuse not to go to work just because you’re tired. But bad driving is still bad driving, and falling asleep while behind the wheel and causing a car accident is a prime example of that.

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Source: Driver Fatigue Causes 20% of Auto Crashes: Study

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