Personal injury claim signing paperwork to receive a settlement

Five Questions to Consider Before You Accept a Personal Injury Settlement

If you’ve been injured in an accident, in addition to hoping for a speedy recovery—you also want your injury claim to settle quickly, too! But, be aware: There are important factors you should consider before you decide if you should settle your claim. The decisions you make now could impact you and your family for months or years to come.

Here are five important questions to ask yourself, before you settle your claim.


Do you trust your insurance company?

This is a big one: Managing insurance company inquiries and claims after you’ve been injured in an accident is a complicated and often stressful practice. Some people try to do this on their own, thinking they’ll save money by forgoing an attorney. But the fact is, without legal counsel, you may be missing out on compensation that only a good lawyer can help you recover.


Without an attorney, in the state of North Carolina—or any state in the U.S.—you may be less likely to receive a settlement, and your chances of getting fair compensation diminishes greatly.


Do you understand maximum recovery?

In addition to receiving compensation for your medical expenses—you may also be entitled to work pay you’ve missed resulting from your injury. If your accident was severe and you aren’t confident you’ll be able to work as you did prior to your injury, you will need assistance understanding if you’ve reached your maximum recovery.


Maximum recovery refers to the length of your recuperation period. And, if you’ve not yet recovered fully from your injuries—you may not have all the information you need to gauge your medical expenses or lost wages. 


Your personal injury lawyer and medical team can help you figure out how much time you may need for doctor’s visits, therapy, medications, and more. 


Have you experienced additional pain and suffering?

Sometimes, there are more than just physical injuries left in the wake of an accident. You may also be experiencing mental or psychological distress as a result of your injury. It isn’t uncommon to suddenly suffer from insomnia, anxiety, or depression after an accident.  These “non-economic” damages can be just as impactful, or more so, than your initial injury (and subsequent blow to your finances).


A good personal injury lawyer can help you assess these nuanced issues and ensure you receive financial support throughout your recovery process.  Although translating your pain and suffering into financial compensation is challenging—it isn’t insurmountable. Your personal injury lawyer will have the background needed to help you properly research your evidence, review similar cases to support your claims, and achieve an informed and appropriate settlement.


Do you need to file a lawsuit, or take your case to trial?

You may not need to file a lawsuit to settle your claim or ensure you’re on track to receive compensation and financial support for your accident. Partnering with a lawyer will help you decide.


Sometimes enlisting an attorney and filing a lawsuit may be the only way for you to achieve maximum compensation for your injuries. In certain instances, petitioning the court can solidify your insurance claims and illustrate that you’re serious about your case. Additionally, a court case can help share evidence and better explain the accident and your resulting injuries.


If another person or party contributed to your injuries, this can be a particularly effective path to take. The discovery process of building your case often uncovers important information to support your case—and ultimately increases the amount of compensation you receive from your lawsuit. 


Cases that are tried with a jury may further boost your settlement. You and your lawyer may be well-positioned to share your story, providing essential evidence for both judge and jury to award you more for your injuries.


Have you negotiated your initial offer?

Keep in mind that nearly every initial settlement offer from an insurance company is low.  If you’re considering a first-time offer, be careful. It is a good idea to involve a lawyer before accepting. He or she will be able to weigh your offer with similar cases, and base your final decision on fair assessment values. 


Whether or not you should settle might depend on whether you’ve negotiated the current offer. If you’ve gone back and forth with an insurance company to reach the current amount, then you might feel it’s enough. But if this is a first-time offer, think closely before accepting.

Let us help you reach the settlement you deserve

If you’ve been injured in a recent accident, please call us at (888) 253-4071 today. When it comes to settling an injury claim with your insurance company or deciding whether or not to file a lawsuit, having a knowledgeable and compassionate lawyer is key. We’ll help you through the process—so you understand every option. Our main goal is to help you reach the best possible outcome. We’ll be there to help you weigh your offers, and offer guidance on the best possible solution. No matter if you should wait and consider options after your recovery, or if you should take your claim to court—we’re here to help personalize the process that best fits your case or claim.


We look forward to helping you find the best path forward to a full recovery, and receiving the financial support and legal help you deserve. 


 Note: This blog is intended to be informational only and shall not be construed as legal advice.