man cleaning front house steps from snow and ice

Keeping Your Property Safe & Protecting Yourself against Liability

Maintaining your home’s or property’s safety isn’t just a benefit to you and your family—it can protect visitors and guests from injuries and accidents, too.

In North Carolina, there are several instances in which accidents occurring in your home or on your property may bring about potential legal issues. Knowing how to avoid those problems, before they happen, can help keep not just you and your family safe—but also protect expected guests, kids inadvertently wandering into your yard, and service workers pulling up your driveway safe from harm, too.

To help you recognize possible issues and better avoid injuries, consider the following.


Prune, trim, and mow 

Prune shrubs, trees, and other greenery surrounding your home so vehicles coming and going have a clear line of sight and walkways are easy to traverse. Keeping your lawn mowed and weeds neatly trimmed isn’t just for curb appeal—it may keep you safe, as well.


Light it up dark areas

Install exterior lights to keep your home well-lit and free from shadows that could make walking or climbing steps difficult. Regularly check light bulbs, as well.

A tip: To help keep your home safe, even when you’re not around, consider investing in outdoor light timers. Available at most home improvement and hardware stores, these handy gadgets allow you to turn on your home’s lights when you’re not there to flip a switch.


Shovel, sweep, salt, and sand slick surface

Make sure driveways, stairs and steps, and sidewalks are all traversable and free from leaves or grass clippings during warmer weather, and shoveled and well-salted or sanded during winter months.


Be careful around swimming pools and docks

Although a swimming pool or pond adds great value to your property, they come with serious responsibilities. Swimming pools—whether in or above ground—should be carefully maintained. Additionally, make sure the area around your pool adheres to any public codes in your area. For example, if you have public visitors you may be required to have a wall or self-closing fence around your pool. 

If you’re a private homeowner, make sure the area around your pool is child-proofed and safe from anything that would help a child crawl or climb up and over—and into your pool area. (Additionally, you’ll want to keep your pool chemicals carefully locked up to prevent any potential poisoning.) 

Keeping your pool deck and surrounding area will also help slips and falls. The same care can present anyone from falling on docks along waterways and getting hurt or slipping unexpectedly into the water.


Watch your pets

Even the best dogs may occasionally be caught off guard, startled, or feel threatened and lunge or bite to protect themselves (or you or your family). Unfortunately, if someone is harmed by your pet on your property, you may be liable. 


Consider adding security cameras

A home security system with cameras can be another helpful tool for any homeowner. Many setups today include several cameras that can be positioned around your property—as well as a camera at your main entrances. This gives you the opportunity to view who’s at your front door or movement in your backyard. Both also can provide helpful information, should you find yourself facing a lawsuit tied to an alleged injury occurring on your property.


Don’t be afraid to call in reinforcements!

For landscaping or snow removal, regular service checks on your home’s plumbing and electric, housekeeping support, and more, hiring a pro can save you both time and worry. A little extra help from a professional can be a godsend for keeping your home or property looking great, and in tip-top shape: And, well-maintained home is often a safe home.


Be prepared for the unexpected

Even with the best care and planning, occasionally accidents may happen. Wilson William Law is here to help you manage any accident or injury claim that may happen on your property. You can count on us to walk you through every step of the process and advocate effectively for a successful outcome to your case.

Give us a call today at (888) 253-4071 to learn more about our services.  We look forward to working with you and helping you find a successful resolution.


Note: This blog is intended to be informational only and shall not be construed as legal advice.