Measures to avoid Pedestrian Accidents

Measures to avoid Pedestrian Accidents

It is to be noted that as there is always a rush on the roads, we all need to ensure safety for everyone. You must know how you can help a pedestrian avoid an accident to make all residents feel safe while commuting via road. Here’s how you can prevent a pedestrian accident-

For Drivers

If you are driving, there are things that you can do to avoid a pedestrian accident. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


1. Go slow in pedestrian spaces

Remember to slow down your vehicle when you come across pedestrians on the road to give them time to react as they can sometimes act unpredictable. Even a second counts when it comes to preventing a pedestrian accident.


2. Handling senior citizens and people with disability

A senior citizen may require extra time to cross the street and may even find it challenging to see your vehicle. Similarly, a person who is mentally or physically challenged might also require extra time and care. Leaving extra distance and time can help those with special circumstances stay safe on the roads.


3. Role of eye contact

Pedestrians need assurance when they cross the street. Looking to make eye contact with pedestrians can help you all communicate with each other about who’s going where on the roads. Making eye contact helps to establish clear expectations and avoid any confusion that may cause an accident.


4. Observe school related road safety rules

Special rules apply to drivers when they are driving near school buses and in school zones as children are not always careful on busy roads. Similarly, school buses may be difficult to see around, so you must never ignore a school bus stop sign.


5. Consider weather conditions

It is not always possible to just stay at home when the weather gets rough. Hence, it is crucial to give yourself extra time to stop and ensure that you’re able to regulate the movement of your car in case it goes off balance because of the adverse weather.


6. Avoid driving under the influence

When you drive under any influence be it liquor or drugs, it affects your cognitive ability to respond. Pedestrians usually walk carefree even on busy streets and are unaware if drivers are under the influence. Driving when intoxicated puts you as well as pedestrians at great risk and can even be dangerous to other drivers around you. 

For Pedestrians


Pedestrians should remember the following tips to avoid a road mishap-


1. Adhere to assigned crossing paths

While on foot on hustling roads, the best way to keep yourself safe is to stick to designated pedestrian crossing areas. These spaces have traffic control devices using which you can cross streets/roads securely.


2. Drivers can't always notice you

It is a sad truth but drivers aren't always as alert on roads as they should be. You can't always judge when a driver may even be under the influence. So the best way out is to ensure that the traffic stops before you cross an intersection even when you have the right of way.


3. Pay attention to stationary vehicles

The automobile in front of you might see you and stop. Even though the car behind that must stop too, yet it might attempt to drive around the first vehicle quickly. Be cautious of this happening, and look out for any extra vehicles as you pass through a crosswalk. Even when you are moving around parked cars, it’s better to take another look to ensure that there aren’t other cars around you.


4. Distance away if you need to stop your vehicle 

Many times critical mishaps happen when drivers stop their vehicles on the side of a highway. If you need to stop your vehicle on the side of the road, do ensure that you leave as much space as possible between you and the roadway. Don’t stand right by the road. Maintaining additional space between you and the street will provide the driver some extra time to prevent a collision.


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