Drunk Driving Victims

Drunk Driving Victims

According to the law, all drivers must exercise “reasonable care under the circumstances.” A failure to do so is considered negligence. When that negligence is caused by a drunk driver, you need legal representation.

Pressure from the Insurance Companies

Following an accident, the drunk driver’s insurance company will push for a fast and inexpensive settlement. Before you provide an insurance company with your information or sign any documents, be sure to contact us for help.

If you are a drunk driving victim involved in a DWI accident, you are entitled to reimbursement for injuries you may have suffered as a result of an impaired and negligent driver’s actions.

These reimbursements may include:

  • Tax, title, and licensing fees.
  • Rental car expense or reimbursement of the same.
  • Past and/or future medical expenses.
  • Past and/or future lost wages.
  • Past and/or future pain and suffering.
  • The right to medical care and punitive damages.

Someone driving under the influence is not only operating a vehicle negligently, but illegally. As the drunk driving victim, you may be entitled to punitive damages above and beyond the other damages you suffered from the DWI accident.

We regularly assist our clients by offering prompt proper legal documentation and services to assist in the financial recovery for their injuries. In many cases, we are able to use our local North Carolina contacts to expedite treatment and the provision of medical care.

If you’ve been injured in DWI accident, our main priority is to get you back on track as quickly as possible. For more information about your rights after suffering a DWI related injury, contact us for a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer.