How to handle medical expenses post a motorbike mishap?

How to handle medical expenses post a motorbike mishap?

After a motor vehicle accident, even if you are able to complete a proper recovery from the trauma you survived in a motorcycle accident, you have to endure the burden of the unpredictable medical expenditure that has been incurred around for years. If the accident caused permanent injuries, then the financial losses caused by the mishap is even worse. 


The hidden price of a grave injury

The medical expenses from an injury may put you in heavy debt for years, even after you heal completely. It may prove to be even worse if you are already suffering from a long-term health problem that requires treatment, particularly if it hinders your capability to work. However, physical pain is just one of the other worst parts of surviving a serious injury as there is suffering aggravated by not being able to provide for your family the way you used to before the accident. A motorcycle accident lawyer can not only help you pay for the treatment you need, put you with the right doctors, recover the income you lost because of your injuries, but also help you get compensated for your pain and suffering.


Don't rely on your car insurance for reimbursement of medical bills

If you have been in a car accident before, you have probably received a settlement offer letter from the car insurance company. Many times, the settlement is not enough to reimburse you for all the money you spent on repairing your car or motorcycle, but only covers part of it. In car accidents involving injuries, the insurance companies include the estimated cost of medical treatment in calculating the settlement offer, but the amount they offer is almost never enough to cover all your medical bills. They usually make offers quickly after a motorcycle wreck.


If you get hurt in a motorcycle accident, you must not enter into a settlement and sign a release without consulting your lawyer first. Entering into a settlement implies that you promise not to file a personal injury lawsuit, so in case you later want to file a case because your injuries turned out to be more serious than you thought, the court will reject that lawsuit since you have already released your claim. In fact, you should refrain from talking to the insurance company when they contact you to get a recorded statement about the accident. If you are called, then you should first consult your lawyer. Motorcycle collision lawyers are aware of all the ways that insurance companies use to get the victim to claim that they were at fault for the mishap or that the trauma was not that grave. So it is better to let your personal injury lawyer speak to the insurance company on your behalf as he or she will not say anything that may affect your lawsuit negatively.


Role of health insurance


If you possess health insurance, you will expect them to compensate for your medical bills but sadly that is not the reality as you will have to shell out of pocket. You are eligible to file a motorcycle accident lawsuit irrespective of whether you have health insurance or not. Usually, when a victim files for reimbursement of medical expenses, he or she seeks the amount charged by the doctors and hospitals, including the part that the insurance paid. For instance, if your insurance covers $20,000 for your treatment, you paid $4,000, and you still owe $16,000, you would request $40,000 for medical expenses. If you win your case, you are bound to pay the amount that you still owe to the doctors and hospitals; you may even have to compensate the insurance company for the amount it paid, especially if your health insurance policy was through your employer or your spouse’s employer and that health insurance plan is a fully-funded ERISA plan that has compensation rights. 

If you are thinking, is it worth filing for a motorcycle accident claim if you have to reimburse so much of it to your health insurance company because any medical expenditure is not the only compensation that you can recover. Your settlement for any claim will also comprise lost earnings and non-economic damages like trauma and suffering.


If you've been hurt in a motorbike collision, an expert motorcycle accident attorney like Dominique Wilson Williamscan can assist you in understanding the legalities involved in the trial process and will strive to get you fair reimbursement. Get in touch with us today to book a free consultation.